vegan tequila rose vegan tequila rose

Vegan choice awards 2024 winner

As seen in Vegan Food & living, Vegan friendly UK and The Vegconomist 2024.

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vegan tequila rose vegan tequila rose


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Plant Based Tequila Cream Liqueurs

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Immerse yourself in the realm of Cremaura tequila.

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The magic of cremaura

Unlock the secret to extraordinary indulgence with Cremaura, where every sip is a journey into the realm of exquisite flavors and unmatched luxury. Crafted meticulously from the finest ingredients, our plant-based tequila cream liqueurs redefine the boundaries of vegan indulgence.

As featured in renowned publications such as Vegan Food & Living, Vegan Friendly UK, and Vegconomist, Cremaura stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of vegan spirits. Our dedication to quality and sustainability has garnered acclaim, making us a trusted choice for those seeking unparalleled taste experiences.

Cafe Creame Tequila

Experience the harmonious fusion of traditional tequila craftsmanship with the rich, creamy textures of our vegan cream liqueurs. Each bottle of Cremaura embodies the perfect balance of "crem" and "aura," creating an enchanting symphony of flavors that dance delicately on your palate.

Indulge in the velvety smoothness of our tequila cream liqueurs, meticulously flavored to perfection. From classic vanilla to decadent chocolate, our range of flavored tequilas offers something to delight every discerning palate.

Whether sipped neat, poured over ice, or mixed into your favorite cocktails, Cremaura invites you to immerse yourself in a world of opulence and sensory delight. Elevate your gatherings, celebrations, and quiet moments of reflection with the magic of Cremaura.

Join us on a journey where luxury meets conscience, and indulge in the guilt-free pleasure of our vegan tequila cream liqueurs. Discover the magic of Cremaura today and elevate your drinking experience to new heights of sophistication and flavor.

Our Products

Vegan Friendly UK Certified.

    Introducing Cremaura Rose, the perfect fusion of delicate rose essence and smooth tequila cream. Crafted with precision and care, this vegan-friendly liqueur offers a unique twist on the classic tequila rose strawberry cream liqueur. Cremaura Rose is expertly blended using high-quality in...
    Delight your senses with the exquisite richness of Cremaura Café Tequila Cream. Savour the symphony of expertly roasted coffee flavours seamlessly blended with the premium notes of tequila, creating an indulgent masterpiece that radiates sophistication. The velvety texture of coconut milk elevate...
    Indulge in the luxurious experience of Cremaura Orange, a sublime orange cream liqueur that will captivate your senses and elevate your drinking rituals. Crafted with precision and finesse, Cremaura Orange combines the velvety smoothness of coconut milk with the vibrant essence of orange, resulti...
    Embark on a journey of unparalleled decadence with Cremaura Chocolate Tequila Cream. Immerse yourself in the silky smooth fusion of premium tequila and decadent chocolate, a divine pairing that takes indulgence to new heights. The lusciousness of this creation, accentuated by the creamy coconut m...
    Introducing the Cremaura Collection – a tantalizing fusion of passion, flavour, and culture that promises to elevate your drinking experience to new heights. With each sip, embark on a journey that tantalizes your taste buds and transports you to a realm of indulgence and delight. Indulge in the ...
rose tequila Cream
orange tequila Cream
rose tequila Cream
Chocolate tequila Cream
orange tequila Cream

Voices of approval

"Burst of Sunshine!"

Cremaura's Orange Tequila Cream is a burst of sunshine! The zesty notes are refreshing, I love that it's plant based, making it the perfect guilt-free treat.

Sophie M

"Espresso Hug in a Glass!"

As a coffee lover, the Cafe Tequila Cream blew my mind! It's like a rich espresso hug in a glass. The fact that it's plant based? Double win!"

Alex P

"Sipping Elegance"

Indulging in Cremaura's Rose Tequila Cream is like sipping elegance. The floral touch is divine, and as a vegan, having a creamy option is a game-changer.


"Velvety Guilty Pleasure"

Chocolate Tequila Cream from Cremaura is my guilty pleasure! It's velvety, rich, and the fact that it's plant based makes it even sweeter. Perfect for a cosy night.

Nathan W

"Heavenly Chocolate Goodness"

Finally, a plant based cream option! Cremaura's Chocolate Tequila Cream is a heavenly blend. It's become my go-to treat, and I can't get enough of that chocolatey goodness!


"Warm Delight"

Cremaura Tequila was the perfect addition to our Halloween celebrations! The Café Tequila Cream created a cosy and indulgent experience that was a hit with everyone.

Adrian B

Trees Planted

Thanks to your support, we've successfully planted a significant number of trees to date, and we are proud to share that we are on a mission to reach 10,000 trees within the next 3 years. Together, we are making a positive impact on the planet!

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